Coronorary Stents



Our prices for Coronary Stents to Patients are as follows (As on: 28 Aug 2017):

Sl No: Stent’s Manufacturer Type of Stent Name of Stent Cost charged from patients (in Rs)
1 M/s Translumina Therapeutics Drug Eluted Yukon Choice PC Rs 29600.00 *
2 M/s Vascular Concepts Drug Eluted Pronova XR Rs 30180.00 *
3 M/s Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd Drug Eluted Xience Xpedition Rs 30180.00 *
4 M/s India Medtronic Pvt Ltd Drug Eluted Resolute Integrity Rs 30180.00 *
5 Drug Eluted Resolute Onyx Rs 30180.00 *

                                                                                       * THE PRICE IS AS PER  THE CEILING PRICE PRESCRIPED BY NPPA